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Queen of Spades November 2013- QofS Pamela

    "The first time I saw s black cock it was my husband's best friend's and totally an accident. It was as though it instantly became etched in my mind and I couldn't stop thinking about it. In Navajo we have a saying "Happy Wife, Happy Life" and I am so lucky to have a husband that recognized that and let nature take it's course."-QofS Pamela

     Proving the Queen of Spades title is not just a crown to be bestowed upon a white woman,  Queen of Spades Diaries is proud to present to you "Queen of Spades Pamela," our QofS for the month of November 2013.

    As in the month of November we celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, QofS Pamela would tell you there are two men in her life she is most thankful for this time of year. One of those is of course her husband, a man who loves her unconditionally and to whom she feels the same. The other is a special African American friend of her husband's, a man who taught her that the key to having a fulfilling sex life was to view sex like her choices at thanksgiving dinner, a table at which she almost always selects according to her preference for dark meat:)

    Indeed it was his dark meat that would be the first she ever even saw, let alone her first to touch, to taste,  then ultimately feast on sexually. It was a chance and inadvertent encounter, the moment at home when she barged into her bathroom, unbeknownst that her hubby's black friend was naked behind the door.

    At that moment Pamela felt herself become flush, and in more ways than one. She first felt it in her cheeks  which naturally were flushed by embarrassment, but in just moments later those feelings were eclipsed by the feelings of feeling flush down in her panties, an unexpected development that brought her both embarrassment, and inspiration.

    Inspiration in the sense that Pamela had been looking for ways to add spark to their less than fulfilling marital sex life, and her husband had conceded he would like that aspect of their life to better for her as well. However, Pamela had never really thought about being with another man before. She was a very traditional woman and had always been intent in her marriage to keep her legs locked to all men save her husband. Yet the night  she had seen her husband's friends' flaccid but still unbelievably enormous black cock, she found herself feeling desires to open her legs and wrap them around his gorgeous ebony body, feeling what it would be like to have his  massive black cock inside of her. She wondered, would he even be able to get it in?

    Laying in bed that night our budding "Queen of Spades to be"Pamela began doing some serious soul searching.  She felt so guilty wanting to have sex with another man, especially given that it was her husband's friend. But want her husband's friend she did, and wanted him very badly.

    Also problematic was that she had a possessive nature that ran as hot as an Arizona summer heat. While she now wanted to be intimate with another man, there was no way in the world she could ever see herself being able to share her own hubby sexually. She wanted him to be hers and only hers. She knew it wasn't fair, but couldn't deny it was what she wanted. And as her husband had always treated her like a Princess she had gotten used to getting whatever she wanted.But would he be willing to accommodate what his Princess wanted now, to spread her legs and open up her marital womb to his friend's Big Black Cock?
    Looking into the face of QofS Pamela, does anyone really think her husband had a choice?
    Apprehensive but hoping her husband would see things her way, Pamela simply told her husband about what happened. How she accidentally barged in on his friend in their bathroom, and about the sexual desires which subsequently spawned within her from seeing his friend's black cock.She assured her husband that she loved him, and just explained matter-of-factually that they both knew their sex life had been in  a rut and she thought having sex with his friend could help  spice it up. She also cautioned him though that if he agreed to let her have sex with him, she still didn't think she still would ever be cool sharing him with another woman. After all he knew that it was in her nature to be possessive, and he needed to be realistic about her ability to fight that nature. Privately she pondered, shouldn't being true to their natures be what this was all about?

    QofS Pamela was up front with her husband that if they went down the road of extra marital pleasures together, their journey would always be on a one-way street going in her direction...

    Having "came clean" with her desires, Pamela felt much relief when her husband agree to her terms and his acceptance put a big smile on her face.

    Want to know what happened next? Well we don't think you need a "spoiler alert" to keep from knowing that she has assumed the metaphorical title of being a "Queen of Spades."To say black men now play a very prominent part in her life would be an understatement. But as for the details behind her assuming that title, we are happy to tell you that Queen of Spades Pamela has agreed to "bare all" to our readers. Allowing us all to read and see first hand the happiness she has found in living life as a Native American woman whose body has now become primarily a reservation of pleasure for African American men.

    QSD: Queen Pamela, thank you for agreeing to reign as our Queen of Spades for the month of November 2013.  You will be the first non-Caucasian woman to wear our crown and we are honored to have you.

    QP: Thank you, I feel honored:)

     QSD: Could you begin by telling us at what age or time in your life did you realize that you were attracted to black men and why did you feel yourself drawn toward exploring intimacy with a black man?

    QP:  Sure. It was not until October of 2012. This all started as a spur of the moment thing because I have been married for so long and we were at a point where we wanted to spice up our love life. My husbands friend was staying with us for the weekend when I walked in on him changing in our bathroom.
    I was so embarrassed to have walked in on him but  was also like "wow." That's when it hit me. I found my self wondering what it would feel like to have his cock inside me. It was like I literally could not get that thought or the sight of his cock out of my mind.

    So I tossed the idea around with myself first and then with my husband. I felt a little guilty with him being my hubby's friend but I am lucky that he has an open mind and allowed me to explore this desire with his watchful approval.

    QSD:  How did your first black experience come about, and did your first taste of interracial passion live up to what you were hoping for?

    QP: Well how did it happen? Quite simple. Actually I told my husband what had happened in the bathroom and confessed to him how sexually attracted I was to his friend. After we talked it over for like 2 days my husband simply approached his friend and asked him if he was open to the idea of having sex with me while he watched? I felt so lucky having a husband so accepting of sharing me and that apparently his friend felt the same way about me.

    So we made all the necessary arrangements and invited him over. At first I was nervous but after the door closed I surrendered myself to him and it felt great! Just the feel of his huge member thrusting into me was amazing or beyond words. He was everything I expected and more seeing that for the next two weeks I was reminded of the experience every time I took a step.The soreness brought me back to that first experience and still makes my hands sweat just talking about it.

    QSD: Safe to say your first experience brought a big smile to your face?

    QP: Yes he is amazing and a very special person to me to this day.

    QSD: How did your sex life develop after that first experience with a black man?

    QP: Well I knew right away that I wanted to have sex with him regularly and had developed a strong sexual attraction for black men generally. It was really pretty plain and simple-when I wanted it all I had to do was ask my husband to take care of it for me. It lit a fire in my husband allowing him to want me more than ever. Strangely it seemed that sharing me with other men made me even more desirable to my husband. I enjoyed the attention from both my husband and the men who have become my lovers.

    QSD: Why would you say you find yourself so drawn towards black men for your sexual fulfillment?
    For Queen of Spades Pamela, Her first time was the charm
    QP: Well I love the attitude black men generally have and the color contrast. For me though as I have
    gotten more into this lifestyle it is really about size and having men inside me who are much larger than my husband. So it's not just black males at this point but anyone, be black white or what ever, if your big enough to make me feel you for weeks after you've used me your on my list. Having said that though, black men are a fav and most of my lovers have been black:).

    QSD:  Would you describe yourself as being submissive to black men and if so, why do feel you evolved into feeling submissive towards them?

    QP: I tend to be submissive to any man who is larger and can bring me more pleasure than my husband. If you whip it out and it takes my breath away with the sheer size I will become your private playground. If a man can bring me pleasure then it is important for me to please them. While I am very attracted to black men, as long as you got the length and width- we can make it happen and I don't discriminate. My husband does not mind seeing me pleasured and he still enjoys me on a regular basis too.

    QSD: Tell us about your husband. Is he Native  American too? Are you all swingers or more of a cuckold based couple?

    QSD: He is Navajo like me and my husband is definitely my cuckold as I am very possessive and don't like the thought of sharing him with other women. We don't practice tease and denial or chastity or anything like that though.  He is always with me when i play and i am pretty sure he gets just as much enjoyment out of it as I do. He says the part he loves the most is the sound my pussy makes when being filled by my bulls. I wouldn't say I am his Domme really, we are basically equals in our marriage but I am submissive to my lovers. He accepts that and my wanting him to be monogamous to me. Our cuckolding lifestyle is more just about his not being able to satisfy me sexually. He allows me to fulfill my needs that he cant meet sexually because his penis is a little under average and since I have felt what it feels like to be with a man that is very well endowed. He supports my lust for it and this lifestyle has had no negative impact our relationship it has actually driven us closer together.

    For QofS Pamela's husband-he learned the hard way that for his wife, size was everything.

    QSD: What are some of your favorite ways of pleasuring black men and experiencing sexual pleasure from them?

    QP:  My favorite way to please a BBC is simple. I enjoy climbing on top and enjoying a long sensual ride so that I can feel every inch of my bull and when he is about to climax s I slide as far down on his shaft that I can so when he cums it is so deep in me that it takes days to seep out.  There is something just thrilling and taboo about being married and feeling another man's cum inside you, especially when he's black (probably due to pregnancy concerns). I love it! I have tried a couple of friends at once and it was great so I'll take it any way I can get it-

     but creampies are what I love most. I love having a black man's seed in me and yes, I do love feeding creampies to my husband:) I love the way it feels when he licks up the cream me and my bull make and how he is always more than willing to do so. Other than that, he waits, watches, and films. As a rule of thumb we wait for like 2 weeks after I have been with a black lover in order for my vagina to get back to normal. We tried once right after and I was way to loose to feel him. It made for a good laugh but no fun.

    QSD:  What is the most memorable interracial experience you have had? Also, the greatest fantasy you have but have yet to fulfilled?

    QP:One thing I want to do with my husband but have yet to is to have him eat me out while I am riding my bull. A best moment ever was when I felt my first bbc thrust into me feeling his depth and width was like "awe it hurt but in a good way."I am open to trying anything once. My husband recently took me to a gang bang and I lost track of the number I was with but it had to at least be 25.  Even though only 7 or so were black I still had a great time. Hubby got to see lots of large cocks going inside his wifey. So great having a husband who makes sure his wife's needs are met.

    QSD:  In case they are reading this blog, what celebrity would you most like to hook up with?


    QP: Terry crews-(Right)
    I would love to see (and feel) what he has to offer!:)

    QSD: I am sure many black men reading this will take an interest in you. Can you address the type of black men that you like and how they might know you are interested in them?

     QP: Well my pet peeve s are that one your personal hygiene must be excellent bad oral hygiene is a deal breaker and you must have manners no thugs or disrespectful men and you must be height and weight proportionate and have a willingness to play bareback Where do we find my lovers it ranges from bars friends and even the occasional guy I find attractive at the gym if I see a black man and he has a great smile that's my weakness.

     When I am out looking for men I usually wear a short skirt (jean) or lacy skirt (almost see through one so you can clearly make out the color of my v string). With the jean skirt I want  short enough to be like "wow" but not in a slutty way and at that point I'm pretty easy to hit on. If  I am crossing my legs a lot in your direction or you see my look you in the eyes and smile' that means I am interested; don't be shy, feel free to come over and talk to me-even if hubby is present:).

    QSD:  What is your dating status presently and what are your long term goals in the lifestyle of living as a Queen of Spades if you have any?

    QP:  Just to continue to stay happily married but be open to anyone who can give me the ride of a lifetime, and to be especially receptive to black men.I am interested in both short term flings, and possibly long term lovers as well. As we Navajo's say "Happy Wife, Happy Life" so I look forward to many more years of my husband and I doing what comes natural for both of us:)

    QSD: Thank you for the wonderful interview and for your reign as the Queen of Spades of the Month for the year 2013. And thank you for giving us something we can all be thankful for this year, actual footage from your first interracial/cuckolding experience. Enjoy it everyone and feel free to leave QofS Pamela your comments and questions:


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