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Thursday, February 27, 2014

QSD Celebrity Interview- In Depth with Mrs. Emma Kelly

    "I am very dominant...I do not have a submissive nature at all and do not like to be dominated."

      -QofS Emma Kelly (April 19, 2007)

     So said our Celebrity Bonus Queen of Spades back in 2007 when she was interviewed by the "Hot Wife Blog" back in 2007. Mrs. Emma Kelly and her husband Scott are the co-publishers of the blog "Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse" which is so well known in cuckolding and female-led relationship lifestyle circles that it's no understatement to call her a celebrity. That's why she was interviewed by the Hot Wife Blog (usually reserved for hotwives with pay websites) and we actually recommend you read that interview of her first here:

    Then read our interview here as it's sequel. Only by reading both interviews can one be given a context for appreciating the true metamorphosis of this particular Queen of Spades.

    At the time of the initial interview in 2007, QofS Emma was the pillar of "Alpha Femininity." A woman who ruled the roost at home in her marriage which was built on female-led relationship principals, and one who practiced cuckolding as one of many different ways to reinforce those FLR dynamics in their marriage.

    Unlike many women who turn to cuckolding to find an outlet for their own submissive desires, with QofS Emma, bringing other men into her bed was more like finding a fuel-point for her own dominant energy. Energy that made her feel more strong and in control, not just over her husband, but in life generally. So with all her extra-marital lovers prior to her present lover Darius, regardless of whether it was-
    her boyfriend Donald:

    Or her boyfriend Ted:                                              

      Or her boyfriend Omega :

     Or her boyfriend Mr: Big:                                 

     Or one of her many other lovers in between:

     for Emma it was never about submission to her lovers, it was about her pleasure and showing her husband who was in control. Then along came her current boyfriend Darius. He loved her dominant nature, the reason being he loved a challenge. For Darius the ultimate thrill in taking a married white woman as his lover involved molding an attitude of submission on the wife's part as much as it did that of her husband.

    He knew he needed to go slowly with her, allowing her first to believe he would be content to be another friend with benefits. Happy to just afford her another Black cock for her to sit on as  a throne from which to rule over her husband.
      Sitting in the arms of this throne however, would prove to be a very different experience for Emma. Unbeknownst to her initially, Darius's strong black hands were molding her to become the lover he wanted her to be: A woman who would see herself as his to pleasure or to punish. Ultimately he hoped she would see herself as a woman married to one man...
    but the sexual possession of Another...
     Finally there came a point where both Emma and her husband realized Darius' intentions with her, consider this excerpt from Scott's blog entry:
    "I couldn’t help feeling that underneath all the intensity of their coupling, there was a competition in full sway for dominance of the moment. They were teasing each other, almost challenging the other to succumb first. 

     But in the end, his brute physical superiority won out and the fucking became more languorous. She lay back, spread open to accept his thrusts. Their eyes peering into each other’s emotional depths, their breathing steady and synchronized, their bodies in deep harmony, words unnecessary."

    So, has Emma succumbed to Darius's designs for her to embrace a submissive nature that she had always denied existed? Or has Emma's dominant nature struck back? Here to tell us is our QofS Emma:)

    QSD: Emma, do you remember the quote you made about being a dominant woman and not having a submissive nature? Those of us who regularly followed your blog back in 2007 certainly believed it. But a short time after that you met your current lover Darius. As your relationship with Darius has grown, so it would seem we have seen you grow a submissive nature.For example we have seen you greeting him at your door naked and kneeling at his feet to takeoff his shoes;

     and perhaps even more shocking, we have seen that Goddess-like tush of yours- 

    Spanked by Darius

    Belted by Darius
    Paddled by Darius
    Flogged by Darius
    and Whipped by Darius.
    We have even read where you are addressing him as your "Daddy" and even "Master." How do think Darius was able to take that strong dominant woman he met when you first started dating, to a place in a relationship where she openly acknowledges him as her Dominant?

    QEK: Okay, before I answer that I want to stress that I am a regular person with a regular job where no one really knows about our lifestyle. I want to stress this upfront because I think it is important to remember that as I answer your questions. I am not answering for anyone’s entertainment. I’m not trying to turn anyone on so that they’ll buy my porn videos. I am really trying to answer honestly.

     People who know our blog know that my goal has always been first and foremost to be honest, even if it isn’t always what folks would prefer to hear. Scott cautions me not be a downer because I really try not to play into fantasies but instead -- maybe too much -- try to give an honest picture.
    I have never to my recollection called Darius “Master”. I can’t imagine that I would ever call him that but I won’t say that it would never happen.
    I do happily call him “Daddy,” which I guess started about a year ago. He just said it once while he was fucking me, something like, “How do you like it when Daddy fucks you?” and from then on that’s what I was calling him. I think it started on a day I went to his house myself because I remember that Scott was surprised when he heard it the first time but I was already pretty comfortable with it.

    I have never viewed myself as submissive and still don’t even though a lot of what Darius and I do puts me in a traditionally female submissive role and a lot of that stuff really turns me on. I wrote a post once about what a real submissive is and basically I feel that a real submissive is someone who gets sexually aroused by being dominated and controlled. Meaning that they really want to let go and have things go in directions that are unexpected and out of their control.

     Scott is happiest when I do something that he wasn’t thinking of and that pushes him to his limits. I am not a submissive in that regard. Being spanked and/or tied up have never been off the table for me.
    I am very open sexually and have never had an issue with anyone spanking me or tying me up. The dynamic of my relationship with Scott hasn’t really included that (though we’ve done it once or twice) but there has never been a time in my life where I would have said no to a guy spanking me as long as it was part of a scene where I got fucked. A spanking, by itself, is not sexually interesting to me. But a spanking while I have a big dick in my mouth? That works.
    I have never been attracted to submissive guys as cuckolding partners. I just don’t see how that dynamic would work. You are just trading one wimpy guy for another. So we have always walked this thin line trying to find guys who wanted to fuck but didn’t want to dominate. Darius had a dominant nature right from the start but until recently we didn’t explore it overtly.
    I don’t think anything changed with me in terms of my nature. Darius and I have been fucking a long time, about five years, and I think what changed is trust. I pretty much totally trust him in the bedroom. I know that if at any moment I really said STOP things would stop. That’s really important. I don’t think guys can really understand how important that type of trust is to a woman. 
    Emma and Darius-Five years together and stronger than ever.

    When I finally finished school the last time around, Scott and I were talking about trying to find another partner. We were both a little bored with Darius. It had become very much a quickie fuck type thing with very little BDSM. I guess I knew that part of that was because Darius really wanted to dominate me not Scott. When I thought about the whole new guy thing, however, I really hated the idea.
    Finding a worthwhile partner is really really tough. Going out on“dates” with guys who turn out to be crazy, little-dicked, submissive, soft, or gay is a real pain in the ass. That is way more the norm than going out with a guy who you are attracted to, can get it up in front of your husband, and wants to play this game. When Scott and I talked about it, we realized we had a great partner in Darius and maybe were having a case of the-grass-is-always-greener.
    We started back up with Darius more in earnest and I decided to let him direct traffic to see where things would go. It wasn’t really a conscious decision but one time we were getting ready to fuck and he got really into spanking me and you could just tell by his breathing and his attitude that this was really what he wanted and the more turned on he got, the more turned on I got. When someone really wants you, that is a huge aphrodisiac. I think from that time forward it has gone down this road.
    I think another thing that flipped the switch w as anal sex. I love anal sex and have pretty much always loved it. But we tried once a long time back with Darius and he didn’t seem to get into it. I just thought it wasn’t his thing so I never brought it up again. But once we started seeing each other more I told him I wanted him to fuck me in the ass and he was totally into it. I think that really brought out his dominant side. There isn’t really any way to fuck someone in the ass without feeling dominant and visa versa. I admit that I feel pretty submissive when taking it up the ass.

    Darius found the key to unlocking the submissive attitude he wanted from Emma lay in probing the depths of her ass.

    QSD: What are some of the characteristics about Darius that you are drawn to the most? Of course he is black, which most (but not all) of your lovers have been since you began cuckolding Scott. Do you think his race factored at all in you evolving to being his submissive?

     QEK: Darius has the most fabulous body and cock ever. When he is on top fucking my pussy nothing is hotter than holding his ass while those hard muscles pump. I absolutely love all those fucking muscles. And his cock is the perfect size for me. Big enough to be a challenge but not so big it hurts. I can get really caught up in trying to deep throat that cock and just the challenge of it and the slight discomfort of it gets me dripping wet. 
    I think Darius’s personality is more a factor in him dominating me in the bedroom than his race.  He is a dominant person. It really works
    for him and once you give a guy what he wants, he’s gonna keep taking it. There’s no going back from that. From the start we were either going to be equals or he was going to dominate. There wasn’t really any other option. At this point I think I could say to him I don’t really like it when you... and I think he would stop that particular thing but I don’t think we could go back to a situation where he isn’t on top in some fashion. 

    I hate to admit that his race is a factor in our relationship. I like to say I am an equal-opportunity slut but at this point my fantasies are virtually entirely dominated by black men and tend towards them being pretty dominant. It would have to be a very special white guy or a special circumstance where I would fuck a white guy.
    When we went to Red Rooster last year, I fucked a couple of white guys. Out of the four guys I fucked, one was black, one was middle-eastern, and two were average white guys. The two white guys BOTH had a hard time keeping their dicks hard. The whole situation of a totally open and available woman made them scared. The black guy and the middle-eastern guy had no problem. In particular, the middle eastern guy had this real dominant you-are-a-whore thing going on and it really worked for me. There is something to be said for a dominant guy while fucking. No submissive guy is going to push you up against the wall and just start pounding your pussy. 

     QSD: So I take it then you would say that the dynamics of your relationship have truly changed? Do you ever feel conflicted about that?

    QEK: The change in our relationship isn’t something I had or have no control over. Darius isn’t going to just come over to my house and take me. I think that is an important (though probably not hot) thing to stress. At anytime if I really didn’t want to continue and I said STOP things would stop. The ultimate person in control is still me and because I really feel that this is true, I am able to allow things to happen that push my previous limits. This is one of those areas that I have real concerns with on-line. There is a huge difference between what I do and a woman who really has no control over her situation and, as a woman, I don’t want there to be any confusion about that.

    What has happened is me letting the dynamic of the relationship with Darius change. We didn’t really negotiate this change but it happened over time. We started with a basic hierarchy of Darius and I dominating Scott and now it has transformed into Darius as top dog, I am next, and Scott is at the bottom where he belongs.

     I don't ever feel conflicted really but there are times when things happen that I am challenged by. For example  when Darius spanks me harder and longer than I’d like, and I do submit to his will in that regard.
    I want to make him happy, which I guess is a form of submitting but he is also not really hurting me and not really going beyond what I am able to handle. He is just pushing me further than maybe I wanted that particular day. And for me the particular day really matters. If I am at the right time in my cycle, pretty much anything goes. 

    QSD: Given that you are in a D/s relationship with Darius, what are some the rules he has imposed in the relationship? Are you exclusive to him sexually for example (excluding/including hubby?)? Has he established certain expectations that are understood by you to be punishable offenses?Does he have you address him in certain ways in public/private?

    QEK: In many ways, Darius is the perfect partner for me. His approach to things is similar to mine. We are full on when we are together and not much happens when we are not. Since we aren’t in a live-in situation rules would be really hard to enforce. We are very much in a bedroom D/s relationship that occasionally makes its way into public (like the party we went to).
    He does spank me regularly for not making myself more available to him but at the same time he knows that I really have no way of making myself more available to him. I work full-time and am back in school pretty much full time so my options are limited. He’d also spank me regardless of whether I’d made myself more available to him or not so...

    QSD: How would you say your relationship with Darius has affected your D/s dynamics in your marriage with Scott? Has being submissive given you more empathy and perhaps made you be less dominant towards Scott, or would you say that having Darius's dominant energies unleashed on (and inside) you, has made you more dominant with Scott? What is marital intimacy like for the two of you these days?

    QEK: My intimate relationship with Scott has been impacted a lot more by the cancer and resultant ED than by my relationship with Darius. Though we were probably better prepared than most for the situation we are in, it does have an impact. Also, as Scott gets older things are adjusting. Our day to day relationship hasn’t really changed but the range of things we do when we are playing seems to me to have gotten smaller (pun not intended).
    Making Scott all worked up and hard and then locking him up or making him cum and lick it up off the floor was really hot and though we manage to do similar things together there is always this limp dick staring back at us, which is somehow disconcerting. You don’t know how much that response plays into things until it is gone.
    I think even Darius wasn’t sure how to deal with it. Is it okay to make fun of Scott for having a limp dick or is that going too far? I felt that way for a while but now I feel like we’ve gotten far enough that under the right circumstances I can mock the limp dick and it works. But every time you do something where the expected response would be a hard dick, you are reminded that it isn’t working and that brings a whole bunch of stuff  that you maybe don’t want to think about.

    QSD:There was one occasion related in your blog where Scott was taking pictures of your being punished by Darius and you ordered Scott to stop taking pictures, but Darius told Scott to keep taking pictures. Scott chose to obey Darius instead of you and kept taking photos. How did that make you feel at that moment towards both of them?

    QEK:This is probably the one and only time I was absolutely furious at both of them. I guess you could probably consider that a defining moment because I was really really mad and I had a choice at that moment to put my foot down or not. I guess that is kind of what I am talking about when I say that I am in control even when I am not in control. They both pushed me and I made a decision about how to react, which is what led us down a certain path.

     Had I reacted differently things would have gone differently but I made a choice. Why did I make that choice? I don’t know. Probably because we have been having more hot sex with Darius in this regard than we have with anyone. I don’t want it to get generic and boring with him so... Why would I want it to go in a way where things might not be as exciting?

     For Scott's full account of this pivotal evening in which Emma effectively assented to Darius assuming his position at the top of the pecking order in Emma's triad see:

    QSD: Would you say you see yourself now as a "switch" sexually, or still as a Dominant woman, just one who met her match where Darius is concerned?
     QEK: I don’t see myself as a switch and to be honest I guess I don’t really see myself as a dominant either. As anyone who reads the blog knows, I hate labels and set roles. I think they limit you and I like to be open to everything sexually. I couldn’t possibly live with a truly dominant male who thought I was his lesser and I couldn’t be sexually dominated by someone who wasn’t a real alpha guy (or didn’t have a great body). I think my relationship with Darius is just evolving.

    Like I said before we kind of had two choices with Darius: keep it the same (which we were finding boring) or go this way. He wasn’t ever going to be my submissive and I can’t imagine we are going to find a better partner. I don’t want that to sound like am I settling for him because there is nothing better out there. It’s more a recognition that you can keep trying too hard to find the magically perfect partner and end up missing a great time that was right in front of you. Is this what I imagined? Maybe not. Is it fucking hot and a great time? You bet. 
    Ever the good girl, Emma texts her Daddy as she prepares for going out.

    QSD: Are you and Darius able to go out together as a couple or do you still have to keep it so discrete that it doesn't allow for dates out like that? Do you get to see him regularly?

    QEK: I don’t see Darius as much as any of us would like because of my many obligations. We have been out on  kind of a date once and to be honest it was awful because the restaurant we went to really didn’t allow us to talk. We were right next to another table and so the conversation was so generic that it was a turn off. I think if we went somewhere where he could make me go without underpants and feel me up or at least talk nasty to me, it would be great. I love it when guys talk really nasty to me. I really love it when Darius calls me his white slut and things like that.

     We also went to a BDSM party a while back. I was sitting on his lap fucking him on the “chill-out” couch (which we got in trouble for later) and that was super-hot. He was spanking and fucking me and I had this sense of people watching which I really liked. I would love to get that experience again.
    Emma's "Daddy"showing off his "white slut" while on a date.
    QSD:Where do you see yourself going in your relationship with Darius in the future? In D/s relationships it’s often seen as the pinnacle in that type of relationship where the submissive accepts having a collar placed on her by her Dominant which is her acknowledgement of his ownership. Could you see yourself someday wearing Darius's collar?

    QEK:I don’t really go in for symbols and rituals like that much. I am much more of a realist. There was a popular blog a while back with this “dominant” woman giving folks advice. She had only been in a dominant relationship for a short time and was clearly a stay-at-home wife to a rich guy. To me that was a joke. If you can’t support yourself and function in the world as an independent woman, then it is all a sex game and you are just fulfilling his fantasy. The collar doesn’t mean anything if he can walk away and take all his money with him and you are screwed. If he next told her he wanted her to dress up like a bunny, she would be doing it. That’s not a dominant woman.
    Scott is my true submissive at this point because he totally relies on me in every way. He can’t walk away from me both emotionally or financially. I consider that much more real than a collar. A lot would have to change in my relationship with Darius to get to that point. I can see that we would play with a collar situation at a party or something like that but nothing more at this point. I would have to be in a live-in relationship with someone for that kind of thing to work and I don’t think I would really be inclined towards that kind of submission.
    -For the new pecking order in Mrs. Kelly's household see above.

    QSD: Finally, as it's my blog I have to ask, do you consider yourself a Queen of Spades?:)

    QEK: I guess I always hesitate to say that race matters because it seems wrong but I certainly don’t fantasize about anyone but black men and at the moment I don’t fuck anyone but black men. I have this ongoing fantasy of going to Darius’s house and his cousin (whom I met once in passing at a store) is there and Darius makes me fuck them both. I think I’ll have to mention it to him.
    QSD: Well Mrs, Kelly that sure makes you a Queen of Spades in our book and we think our readers will agree:) Thank you for such an awesome interview!

    To the readers we would encourage you to show your appreciation by leaving her your comments and questions!

    Also please check out her and her husband's site at:

    And finally if you enjoyed reading her hubby Scott's exerpts above you will love his book which can be bought here:Headhunter
    "May Emma and Darius continue to blossom..."
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