Friday, February 21, 2014

Asian Army Girls by Liu Jianan

    A famous chinese photographer Liu Jianan has created a wonderful photo story about army girls. I've decided to post it here because it's a 'must have' thing for a blog devoted to warrior girls.

    This is a story about sexy beautiful Asian girls who were conscripted to serve in a special army female unit. This is how they looked like when they arrived to the military base:

    The girls were said to take all their clothes off except panties and were given semitransparent robes.
    First of all they had to pass a medical examination - only healthy girls are allowed to serve.

    A cold shower was the next step:

    And finally the girls changed into their new uniforms and fell into line.

    And the training began!

    The first lesson the girls had to learn was that the main things in army are discipline and unquestioning execution of orders. Those who break the rules will be punished severely.

    Their first two months in army were a period of intense physical training.

    On the third month other trainings began:

    - hand-to-hand fighting

    - knife fighting

    - and, finally, firearms shooting

    Some days were so exhausting the girls just fell the ground and couldn't even move:

    At last, the half-year training course was over, and the girls were ready for their first combat mission.

    Some days later another female platoon (not army, but Special Forces) was sent to capture the enemy base.

    After they came to the position, they conduct reconnaissance and found out their forces were insufficient.

    So they contacted with the command and asked for reinforcement.
    An hour later a new army female platoon arrived to help them. This mission became the first one for army girls.

    And the both platoons attacked the enemy forces.

    The battle was hot, enemy soldiers fought fiercely.
    One army girl was killed:

    another one seriously injured, so army girls had to ask Special Forces girls for help:

    And help has arrived!
    The girls attacked with redoubled fury and finally all enemy soldiers were dead!
    They won!!!

    But the victory was costly for the army platoon

    Still, it was their first battle, and they won!


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