Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Naked Sniper Girls

    A secret group of professional female killers called 'Amazons' includes a number of female snipers. These girls consider the ancient goddess Artemis as their protector, that is why they have a peculiar tradition - to shoot at their victim being naked, or, at least, wearing minimum clothes. These girls believe that this brings them luck.
    For example, Angela prefers sexy black underwear:


    and Katya prefers a simple dress, but she always takes it off before shooting.


    The third Amazon's name is unknown, but it is known she obeys her own rule: to keep pussy naked when firing a shot, even outdoors in winter.

    And some more shooters from this group:
    - sexy blondie:

    - topless shooter:


     - sexy short-haired brunette:

    and a dangerous sexy killer who prefers old rifles:


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