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QSD Celebrity Blogger Interview- Queen of Spades Maggie

    "I don’t consider myself exclusive to black men, they’re just my preference. To be completely honest though, other than my cuck… I can’t tell you the last time I’ve slept with a man of any race other than black."

                          -Queen Maggie

    In the spirit of the Christmas season we at the Queen of Spades Diaries Blog wish to continue giving our readers the gift of interviews of the worlds most beautiful women who truly live life as a Queen of Spades.

      In that regard we are proud to present to you Queen of Spades Maggie. A woman whose sexuality is cut from similar cloth to our previous Queen of Spades Blogger Emma Kelly, she has found relationship bliss in having a submissive white male as her primary partner, while she primarily shares her body with black men. Like Emma, Queen Maggie is well  educated and a prolific writer who operates a blog well known in Female- Led Relationship and Cuckolding lifestyle circles. Queen Maggie's blog is at:

     As one becomes familiar with Queen Maggie they quickly learn that the Queen of Spades card is not the only card in the deck of her sexuality. Rather, in this highly intelligent and sophisticated southern belle they meet a woman whose sexuality could usually best be described as a Full House in which the Queen of Spades is the high card; the other cards being subordinate to her in power and keep her propped up in her  most exalted position. You see Queen Maggie identifies as a Dominant woman and with her male partner and  girlfriends, Queen Maggie is always the one in control....
    But, you may be wondering, what happens to the power dynamics inside Queen Maggie's Full House when a Black King of Spades is inserted into the deck? Well that is where things get interesting, and will be revealed in the interview ahead. As a gift to her readers and ours, she has agreed to open up the windows into this and the other aspects of her sexuality. So without further adieu readers, we invite you to settle into your position as peeping Toms outside the windows of Queen Maggie's Full House and enjoy the view as she proceeds to tell you....  

    "Why it's Good to be the Queen."
    QSD: Queen Maggie, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed and sharing your wonderful lifestyle with us:). Of course as the primary focus of our blog is on QofS lifestyles, lets start with that.  At what age or time in your life did you realize that you were attracted to black men and why did you feel yourself drawn toward exploring intimacy with a black man?

    QM:  can’t recall a time in my life I wasn’t attracted to black men in some way. I grew up in an area where interracial couples were a bit more common and dating a black man wasn’t seen as such a taboo. I’ve been dating them ever since
    high school.

    Though it wasn’t until more recently, that I developed my affinity for sexual encounters with black men. I’ve always been a bit of a sexual connoisseur and have spent most of my adult life exploring the breadth and depth that makes up human sexuality. Kind of like a mad scientist with a hobby. When I met my cuck, I had been having a grand time exploring my own sexuality in a way I’d never been brave enough for before.
    For the better part of a year, operating mostly in swinger circles, I had begun to really learn what my sexual likes and dislikes were and being more willing to ask for what I wanted in the bedroom. With the internet being what it is today, I’m no longer stuck dealing with the outcomes of random hookups and can now tailor my choices to the type of experiences I want to embrace.
    When my cuck came along, I was pretty adamant that I wasn’t willing to give up that sexual freedom for anyone. So when he suggested a cuckold relationship, it didn’t take me long to realize it was a huge win-win for me. He gives me the security to be a bit more risqué and adventurous then I could ever be on my own, and he just revels in my sexual exploits that there is never any doubt he will try to hold me back.  At the start of my cuckold relationship with my boy (see below-left) , I was more focused on size and stamina in my lovers (see below-right).
     I knew I was a bit of a size queen and adored the feeling of a nice, big, fat cock sliding in
    sliding inbetween my legs. Also, being multi-orgasmic, I preferred lovers who could last a long time and make it more of an experience. What I quickly began to notice was that the black men who graced my bed, tended to bring a little more “something” to the bedroom. A bit more of a suave and rhythm to the whole encounter. These days, black men are my preference. They’ve turned me into a bit of a sex snob and they love to rise to a challenge.

    QSD: . How did your first black experience come about, and did your first taste of interracial passion live up to what you were hoping for?

    QM: I doubt I could remember my first. There just wasn’t any build up or expectations leading up to it, that it just didn’t stand out. But my first memorable moment with a black man came my senior year in High school. I was dating his best friend (white guy) and had become good friends with his girlfriend. The four of us were kind of inseparable, including when we’d occasionally get a hotel room for a little naked hanky-panky.

    On one occasion, his girlfriend and I thought it would be funny to play a practical joke on the guys. So in the middle of sex, we both stood up on the beds, leaped across as we high fived each other, yelling “Tag Team”. Fortunately, the guys didn’t quite react with the shock we expected. Instead, they just looked at each other, shrugged and then gave us the “come hither” look to imply they were game, if we were. Needless to say, it was my very first swap experience. He also awoke in me sexual passions that were far different than the ones my boyfriend did.

    QSD:  How did your sex life develop after that experience?

    QM: Oh, everything changed after that. Sex stopped being about what couples do together to create a certain intimacy and it became more about an adventure in awakening my sexual passions. College, swinging during my marriage, and now cuckolding… I can’t say I’ve ever really stopped exploring my sexuality since that day.

    QSD:  Why would you say you find yourself so drawn towards black men for your sexual fulfillment?

    QM:  Hmmm.. so tough to explain. For me, it’s not  really about race, color, taboo or any stereo types. It’s mostly about my experiences and realizing what I liked and, quite frankly, I like the way black men fuck me. They have a way of awakening the primal side in me, yet doing it so seductively, passionately that is all one giant turn on. They take pride in their skills, in delivering pleasure and never leave me unsatisfied.

      I can say without a doubt, every visit from my black lovers is going to be an experience worth remembering. Why wouldn’t I be drawn to that?

    QSD:  Would you describe yourself as being submissive to black men and if so, why do feel you evolved into feeling submissive towards them.

    QM: Not really. I’m the type of gal who doesn’t like to be told what to do. Though I absolutely
    love rough sex and prefer a guy who is capable of man handling me in the bedroom. He’s just got to be ready for a little fight back, because I enjoy a good rumble in the bed. My lovers like A and DM really love to bring out the animal passion in me and sex with them always feels a bit like a delicious sexual battle.
    There is a point though, when the orgasms get big and intense enough that I become much more pliable to suggestions. I jokingly refer to it as being a slave to my own orgasms. My lover D is amazing at getting me to this point and why he was my favorite for so long. Sadly, he’s new work schedule hasn’t been jiving with ours too well and visits have been less frequent these days. But a few months ago, I met a new lover, TJ, who is proving almost as good as D in this department. He’s also a bit more into the kinky things we like to get up to.

    QSD: Do you think you could ever see yourself in a sexual relationship with a black lover where you assume more of an overtly submissive role, such as sister blogger Emma Kelly has with her lover for example?

    QM:  As far a being submissive to a lover, I'm not one to never say never, but I can't imagine it as of now. I often joke I can be fucked into submission, but not really into being ordered about outside of a sexual context.

    QSD:  Do you reserve yourself for black men exclusively or are you open to dating men of other races? Of course you have a white male primary partner, how does he fit into the picture?

    QM: I don’t consider myself exclusive to black men, they’re just my preference. To be completely honest though, other than my cuck… I can’t tell you the last time I’ve slept with any other race then black. In fact...

    all of my present lovers are black.
    Among my black lovers is a new guy I refer to as "Mr L" who is AMAZING! He really understands the cuckolding dynamic and loved helping me put my cuck in his place. Those interested can read about him here:

      As for where my cuck fits into the picture? I see him as my emotional soul mate and kinky counterpart. We aren’t legally married, but essentially live as if we are. He’s also submissive to me and any of my lovers. He is tasked with ensuring my happiness, and more importantly… my sexual satisfaction. That even includes begging my lovers to come over before I use his backside to relieve my sexual frustrations.

      He’s usually present when my lovers come over, generally acting as the maid, butler, photographer, sex slave or anything else my lover and I think up. Being that I am his Domme I naturally love it when I have a lover who is comfortable having my boy fluff him and get his BBC ready for me,
    and really enjoy it when a lover is willing to fuck his ass for MY amusement.
    And naturally it goes without saying that clean-up duty for my boy  is REQUIRED. 

    QSD: What is intimacy like for your cuck? Do you keep him in chastity at all? Do you still allow him to have sex with you?

    QM: Long term chasitity isn't something I'm interested in, but orgasm control I find extremely HOT! I enjoy using a chastity device as a tool within that framework. Unfortunately, what I found is that it can be a rather expensive en devour to find a device that can be worn for extended periods of time and under my cuck's work conditions. We've already been through two devices and not happy with the results of either one. For the last couple years,  the chastity device we currently have is more a play scene prop... since any more then a few hours causes bad his lil dick comes out of it too easily. We've been toying with buying another device and giving it another shot. So there's a good possibility he may find a new one waiting under the Christmas tree.

    As far as intercourse with me... I view my cuck as my sexual frustration outlet. Whether it's intercourse, pegging, oral and even good beatings... he's job is to stem the tide between visits from my lovers. The more often I get to see my lovers, the less often my sub get intercourse. But with our busy lives, there can often be long stretches between visits and I have no intentions of being chaste during those times. So there's no set frequency. He's gone a couple of months without any at all, and there have been weeks he gets intercourse everyday.

    QSD: Sounds like with a local and very regular lover your cuck could find intercourse with you a very irregular event to say the least?

    QM: A promising threat he hears often! LOL
    With him, denial isn't the driving factor in his submission... it's more the feel of my control that creates it. The chastity device creates a physical reminder that his orgasms, and in extension him, is under my control. It's the act of me saying no, that reminds him he's not in control anymore. So I could edge him 5 times a day... telling him no each time and allowing him to cum at the end of each day... and he'd be feeling far more submissive then if I simply didn't acknowledge him at all for a week while he was locked away.

    QSD: What are some of your favorite ways of pleasuring black men and experiencing sexual pleasure from them?

    QM:I guess it’s more about creating a sexual experience that everyone walks away from grinning from ear to ear. My cuck and I like to create a comfortable environment that encourages my lovers to explore things that may be too taboo for most. It’s a wonderful way to leave them completely satisfied, worn out and yet hungry for more.

    QSD: What is the most memorable interracial experience you have had? Also, the greatest fantasy you have but have yet to fulfilled?

    QM: Ah.. most memorable moment would have to be the 9 man birthday gangbang a few years ago. One of my lovers had never experienced a gangbang before and was completely mesmerized by our tales. His birthday was coming up and close to mine, so we thought it would be a fun birthday surprise to set one up. We invited over all my lovers at the time, and we when realized we had 9 well hung studs with amazing stamina coming over… we thought it prudent to make sure there was a little more entertainment available. So we also invited over a submissive female friend. We figured she’d add a nice change of pace for the men to enjoy.

    To make a long story short, the fun lasted for nearly twelve hours and the sex ranged all over the house, from the couch in the living room, to the swing in the basement, the kitchen counter and many places in between. It's still a favorite tale for everyone involved.

    QSD: In case they are reading this blog, what celebrity would you most like to hook up with?

    QM: Hahaha, I’m not really big on celebrities… though I will admit to a HUGE crush on Marcus Washington, the NFL linebacker. The man has the sexiest body I’ve ever seen with such a sweet looking baby face and if he fucks with anywhere near as much passion as he played football… I’d be on cloud nine!

    QSD: What is your dating status presently and what are your long term goals in the lifestyle of living as a Queen of Spades if you have any?

    QM: I guess I would call my current status sexually open and available. I enjoy maintaining a stable of lovers, so scheduling isn’t such an issue for us… As for as long term hopes, I’d like to find a lover or group of lovers that really click with me and my cuck and the dynamic we have. I think a stable of hot thoroughbreds at my beck and call for me to ride is HOT as hell!! LOL .

    Really looking for someone with whom I could explore something at a much deeper level then I’ve been able to with those we have met. I know what I would love to have our life look like and I know I'll have fun searching for it.  Whether or not I ever find it, probably won't matter too much in the long run. Who knows how long it may take to find such a person, but I do know I’m really going to enjoy looking for him!
    Queen Maggie, We hope you find the King(s) of Spades of your Dreams and thank you for this amazing interview and for permission to post one of your writings which is posted below. Readers please show this wonderful Queen your appreciation by giving her with your questions and comments!!!


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