Saturday, February 22, 2014

Queen of Spades Christmas Dedications- Give that special someone the Ultimate Gift

    Want to give that special black man (or black men) or the husband in your life the ultimate gift for expressing the appreciation you feel in being his Queen of Spades?

    Then join Queen Joi (above) and and give that special someone the joy of seeing you profiled as a 2013 Holiday Season Queen of Spades in a feature dedicated expressly him!

    All it takes is a short interview and the submission of as many pictures as you would like and the editors of our site will provide a feature of you that is a portrait of your beauty and a platform for you to show the man in your life the happiness that being a Queen of Spades brings you. Who knows, perhaps he will even give you a "pearl necklace" in return:)

     Look for hotwife Queen Joi's feature coming soon, a special interview which she has dedicated to her special black lover whom she affectionately refers to as her "Maker" due to his being the man who helped her discover her identity as a Queen of Spades. And of course to be featured as a Holiday Queen of Spades you do not have to submit a passionate sex video set to the music you like to listen to when your enjoying those intimate moments, but if you send it or a link to it we will definitely play it:) See Queen Joi and her Maker at the link below:

    Ladies, if you are interested write:

    But don't forget, there are only 24 days left before X-mas. If the want to give the gift of memorializing your passion forever (or at least until you tell us to take it down:)) write today!!!-Editors


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