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Queen of Spades February 2014: QofS Kay

    "My first time with a black guy was in college during a beer drinking game. I "lost" and had to go in the closet with a cute black guy. I acted like I was reluctant but I couldn't wait to get in there.  Once we got in the closet, he pulled me close and kissed me!  I was floating on air!! His hands were all over me and I did not care!!  He had my bra undone and my pants down before I even realized it.  I was soaking wet!!"

                       -QofS Kay

    Soccer moms. Sometimes they have secrets. Even dark secrets. Secrets about themselves that they desperately want to keep in the metaphorical "closet," to be kept to themselves or perhaps shared with just a very few others.

    Then there is Queen of Spades Kay, our QofS of the month for February 2014.  She is a soccer mom who  discovered her dark secret while literally "in the closet." There, behind a closed door, her thin, nubile white body was first taken in the grasp of a young, handsome African American man.

     It was in his strong hands and prying lips that Queen Kay found the darkness of the room illuminated by the light of a sexual epiphany; a revelation to her that she possessed an irrepressible attraction to black men. When the future Queen Kay left the closet she realized she was now a much different woman than the woman who walked in.

    And now dear readers, you will get to meet the woman who walked out of the closet that night, and went on to wear the crown as Queen of Spades for the Month of February 2014. However given that she is a professional woman with a husband and family, she will not be coming out of the closet to meet you...rather she will be taking you into the closet to meet her.

    Fortunately though, ounce inside you will find just enough light for you to see that when inside the closet....
                                      this Empress of BBC has no clothes.
    Oh, and before her interview begins, as Queen Kay will reign over this year's Valentines Day she would like you to know that for several of the black men in her community...

    "Every Kiss begins with Kay"
    QSD: Thanks for agreeing to be our Queen of Spades for the Month of February.

    QK: Your welcome, it is an honor to be so crowned.

    QSD: First could you tell us at what age or time in your life did you realize that you were attracted to black men and why did you feel yourself drawn toward exploring intimacy with a black man?

    QK: I probably realized that I was attracted to black men in my teens but never really had the opportunity to act on it.  I grew up in the suburbs where it was mostly white.  Plus, I was shy and too scared/nervous at that time in my life to act on it as I didn't really see any interracial dating going on.  So I just kind of pushed those feelings down inside and rationalized it as just a phase I was going through.

     QSD: How did your first black experience come about, and did your first taste of interracial passion live up to what you were hoping for?
     QSD: My first ever black experience was my freshman year in college at a party.  A bunch of us started playing drinking games and that led to other games including the game 7 minutes in heaven.  Well long story short, I "lost" and had to go in the closet with a cute black guy. I acted like I was reluctant and even though my heart was beating like crazy, I couldn't wait to get in there.  Once we got in the closet, he pulled me close and kissed me!  I was floating on air!! His hands were all over me and I did not care!!

     He had my bra undone and my pants down before I even realized it.  I was soaking wet!!  He then grabbed my hand and put it in his pants.  I could not believe how big he was!  I had been with different guys since I was 15 but I never felt a cock as big as that!  I pulled it out of his pants and stroked it!  Feeling it get harder and longer.  I bent over and gave it a lick and that is when they knocked on the closet door.  I quickly jumped up, pulled my pants up, and rehooked my bra as they swung open the door.  From that point on, I was hooked!  Sadly, I had to leave the party soon after because my friend who drove me there had to leave.

     QSD: How did your sex life develop after that first experience with a black man?

    QK: Unfortunately, after that first experience I never really had another "opportunity".  I was (and still am) shy and I guess I don't give off the vibe that I am into black guys.  I am very very rarely hit on or noticed by black men.  I had a fun time in college and played with many different guys and even a few girls but no black guys.  Once I met my husband, I settled down. I remember saying to myself that I needed to be a "good girl" now.  Good wives don't play around.  It wasn't until we were married for a few years that I finally confessed to my husband what my biggest (black) fantasies were.  I was pleasantly surprised that he was turned on by them and said that he would support me if I wanted to fulfill them.  Soon my husband began searching adult dating websites looking for black men for me to be with.

     After figuring out what my type of black man, we would filter out the jerks until we found the right guys.  I don't just jump in bed with just anyone.  In fact, my husband has gotten frustrated with me several times, saying that I was too "picky".  Maybe I am but I think I am allowed.  That said, my husband has been as supportive and accepting of my "hotwife" activities as he said he would be

    and I love him even more for it!!
    QSD:  Why would you say you find yourself so drawn towards black men for your sexual fulfillment?

    QK: For me, I would have to say it is the size and the taboo of it all!  Having soo many black fantasies and now being able to act on them is incredible.  Seeing the color contrast as our naked bodies and against each other is such a turn on!  I am a size queen and nothing compares to black men (sorry Honey!).  Having a black man take control and tell me what to do is another turn on for me!  It just makes it even better having my husband there to watch and knowing that he loves watching me play as much as I like playing!

    Queen Kay loves how supportive her husband is

    QSD: I take then that you would characterize yourself as submissive to black men?

    QK: Oh I am definitely submissive to black men in the bedroom for sure!!  Not sure if it evolved to that as I have always been submissive to the guys I play with white or black.
                 But I am totally submissive to the black guys that I play with.  

    QSD: Do you reserve yourself for black men exclusively or are you open to dating men of other races? I notice too that you have a white husband, how does he fit into the picture?

              QK:  Presently other than my husband, I am black men exclusive!

    I guess I would never say never but I am "down with the brown" as they say!   I have a white guy whenever I want, it's black men that I crave.  As far as my husband goes, he likes to watch me play.  As I said, he is very supportive of me.  I am the only one that plays so I'm not sure if we are in the "hotwife" or "cuckold" lifestyle...maybe a little of both.  He likes to watch me with others but there have been times that he has to stay at home with the kids so I can go play.  So does that make him a cuckold?  I guess so but either way we are happy.  I like it better when he is there watching.  I love looking over and seeing how turned on he is watching me play with others.  

    QSD: What are some of your favorite ways of pleasuring black men and experiencing sexual pleasure from them (i.e. Do you prefer one on one or groups?; what is your favorite way to receive a black man's seed ounce you have brought him to climax?)

    QK: I am submissive in the bedroom especially to black men, so I like when they tell me what to do.  Of course I love to suck their huge cocks and balls (and even licked their ass).  As for receiving their cum,
                        I have always let my guys decide where they want to cum.  

      Most common places are my face, mouth, pussy, ass, tits, and feet.  (My husband has a huge foot fetish so i have learned to give a good footjob so I have been told.)

    -Queen Kay on a date while her hubby stayed home.
    QSD: In the way of a Queen of Spades Mating Rituals Question, when you are going out to be with a black man or perhaps simply going out and hope to enjoy having the attention of black men looking at you, how do you like to dress to capture their attention? What do you typically have on underneath? Finally, what types of subtle behaviors (if any) do you exhibit to show black men that this very married suburban soccer mom is interested in them and welcomes their advances?

    QK: Since I try and keep my activities with black men a secret,  almost all of my dates or meetings with them are planned in advance so I don't dress to attract the attention of other black men.   So I think this is one reason why I do not get a lot of attention from black men when I am out.  I mean I try and look nice but it isn't anything too revealing, a lot depends if we are meeting for drinks or dinner before heading off to play.  That said I do try and wear a sexy bra and panties set or if I'm wearing a dress then no panties.  Once we meet up, whether it is in a bar or restaurant, I do try and flirt with my friend.  Most times, I try to be subtle with my flirting but I am usually soo excited and turned on that I am sure it isn't as subtle as I might think.   So let that be a lesson to all the sexy black men out there, just because you see a "Soccer Mom" with her kids in the mall, don't think that she doesn't like to get a little wild sometimes with a BBC!

    QofS Kay having her lover take a few picture of her to send to her hubby just before they drive off to her lover's house and bed.
    QSD: In case they are reading this blog, what celebrity would you most like to hook up with?

    QK: I would love to hook up with Shemar Moore!! He can do whatever he wants to me anytime anyplace!!

     QSD: What is your dating status presently and what are your long term goals in the lifestyle of living as a Queen of Spades if you have any?

    QK: I have a couple "friends" that I play with so I am not looking for any new playmates right now.  That said, both my husband and I always have an eye out for someone that might be right for me.  And get to me, u must go through my husband!! He is a much a part of this as I am.  He is straight and only watches but guys need his approval as much as mine or its a no go! Those interested can follow me on twitter at: @knr601

     On that note, we will leave our Black only QofS Kay to her seeding and she will welcome your comments and questions!!!


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