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September Bonus: Spade Princess Starbuck (Updated 6 SEP 2013)

    "I like how Black men tell you up front what they want. That they look at sex differently than white guys. White guys want to be romantic. Black men want to dominate and make you feel inferior. Honestly I much prefer the latter."
       -Spade Princess Starbuck

    QofS Diaries is proud to bring you a new feature this month, a profile of what we term to be a "Spade Princess." A Spade Princess is a girl between the ages of 18-30 who is single, unattached, and primarily or exclusively dates black men.

    Our first Spade Princess is a young lady known as Starbuck. Not her name of course, but  a name chosen from her profession;  that as a barista who spends her days pouring lattes at a well known corporation. If you encounter her at work and ask her to make you her favorite drink to sample she will pour you a Vanilla Latte; If you ask her about her  preferences in her dating life however, she will tell you her desires are anything but vanilla.

    No, our inaugural Spade Princess has a secret that she has kept from her family and even most of her friends; namely that unlike her choice in coffee, her  choices in men are almost always chocolate. From the beginning of the days of her sexual awareness to the present, she has just always been wire that way.

    However, as a military brat with an ultra conservative father, she fears her preferences and choices won't exactly be popular at home. Like most Dads, Starbuck's father treasured his little girl's innocence and always wanted her to remain a pillar of virtue. He didn't really want her dating at all growing up, and he especially feared black boys, whom he warned his daughter would only be wanting to date her so they could try to "get into her panties." Perish the thought!

    However if her father's statements had been intended to serve as a warning to his daughter, alas like so many other fathers he may someday learn his warnings would actually have the opposite effect. Rather than be heeded, his words would merge Starbuck's physical attraction with the elements of being "taboo," forging within her irrepressible sexual desires that ultimately caused her to turn her back on his advice to learn if what he said was true, and secretly hoping that it would be...

    As to what Princess Starbuck has discovered up to this point in life, well there is no better source of knowledge than to hear it from the Princess's own words, We present to you Spade Princess Starbuck:

    QSD: Thank you for agreeing to be our inaugural Spade Princess of the Month.

    PS: Sure your welcome, sounds fun:)

    QSD:  At what age or time in your life did you realize that you were attracted to black men and why did you feel yourself drawn toward exploring intimacy with a black man?

    PS: It began when I was in middle school. I was a cheerleader and I noticed how black guys had much more definition. I was very attracted to that but I think what made me curious most was that my parents were so against it and I was sheltered. I remember him asking me when I was in school about whether black boys were hitting on me and warning me that  especially at that age the would only be after "one thing." 

    QSD:  How did your first black experience come about, and did your first taste of interracial passion live up to what you were hoping for?

    PS: I was 15 and met a guy that was 21. I lived on an Army post and was at the PX one day. He walked up while I was looking at CDs and we started talking about music. He said he had some CDs in his car so we went out there. Next thing I knew we were parked somewhere and I was sucking him. It was my very first time with everything. It was a great experience.

    QSD: How did your sex life develop after that first experience with a black man?

    PS: I immediately learned that I loved being with black guys. Soon he introduced me to his friend and we all did it, giving me my first threesome. I loved how I had a threesome with the first two guys I had had sex with, and of course loved that they were black. Soon I was having sex with both of those soldiers regularly and they were having me do all sorts of naughty things for them.

    QSD: Such as? 

    PS: Lol. Well on one occasion they had me come over to their apartment and enjoyed "desecrating" my cheerleader outfit.That was very hot!

    Another memorable occasion in high school was after school one day. One of the black soldiers I had hooked up with first when I was 15 walked over to my house on younger brothers were inside so I met him in the woods behind the house which was exciting. I sucked him off right there in the woods about 30 feet from my house:) He shot this huge load all over my face.

    QSD: Why would you say you find yourself so drawn towards black men for your sexual fulfillment?

    Spade Princess Starbuck discovered early on in life that for her, dating black men was key to her living a well balanced life.
     PS: Truthfully I like the way black men tell you up front what they want. That they look at sex differently than white guys. White guys want to be romantic. Black men want to dominate and make you feel inferior. Honestly I much prefer the latter. I love it when the black men I date put me to my knees and just expect me to start worshiping their cocks. Maybe its wrong, but I love being treated that way.

    QSD: Sounds like the paternal advice you got concerning black guys wanting to get into your panties was right, perhaps fathers do know best?

    PS: LOL! Yes I suppose they do. Black guys sure got in my panties soon enough. I am sure parents know how much we will enjoy these experiences and fear for our safety. My experiences have been nothing but positive though.

    Of course like in all things in life, you have to be smart about how you do things, whether its letting black guys get into your panties, or anything else.

    QSD:  So I take it you would you describe yourself as being submissive to black men? Presuming so, why do feel you evolved into feeling submissive towards them?

    PS: With black men I'm definitely submissive. That is just the way I've been treated by them since becoming sexually active, and that dynamic is what I have grown to be attracted to. Something  that took adjusting to but I have come to really love a lot is how so many of my black boyfriends like to call me names. Interestingly enough of all the names my black boyfriends have called me, one of my favorites is when they have me answer to them by simply addressing me as....
    "White Girl"

    QSD:  Do you reserve yourself for black men exclusively or are you open to dating men of other races?

    PS:I've dated white in the past. In fact with my ultra conservative circle of family and friends, only one friend knows I've been with black guys.

    QSD:   What are some of your favorite ways of pleasuring black men and experiencing sexual pleasure from them (i.e. Do you prefer one on one or groups?; what is your favorite way to receive a black man's seed ounce you have brought him to climax?)

    PS: I like two at a time. But one is fine. I like pleasing black men by doing what they tell me. I love to be on my knees before them and giving them what they want. I enjoy receive "the seed" on my face (love feeling like they are marking me as their territory) and of course having it pumped inside me if it feels safe.

    QSD: Princess, have ever had a black boyfriend or sex partner that asked you to do something you felt you had to refuse?

    PS: No, so far I have always been able to do whatever my black lovers have told me to do. Of course like most people though I have some hard limits and been fortunate to not have dated any psychos that truly scared me by talking about those.

    QSD:What is the most memorable interracial experience you have had? Also, the greatest fantasy you have but have yet to fulfilled?

    PS: One of the greatest was driving to a place in Tacoma shortly after I moved here with my family when I was 17. I'd gotten on Black Planet and a guy hit me up. I drove there and was met by 3 very large and horny black guys. I went to one of their apartments and each of them had their way with me, using my mouth and pussy for like five hours, it was nothing short of amazing!

    Another great time was at work of all places.  I had this gorgeous black supervisor at the department
    store I used to work at and we were  alone closing one night. He walked up to me and said he had seen my profile on BlackPlanet. From there he soon turned the conversation into how he knew I liked BBC. He was 32 and I was 19. I loved the age difference and how he was an authority figure to me. Sensing my vulnerability he literally grabbed my hand and put it against his cock. He said he knew I had a thing for BBC because I looked like I was a freak and "white boys couldn't do anything with that.". He pushed me down to my knees and unzipped. I started sucking him and he got my top off. He licked my boobs and later fucked me while we are back in the storage area, and it ended when came on my face. I re-live that night a lot!

    Just the other day I had a really amazing experience with two soldiers who are actually younger than me (I am 20). I picked them up at the PX which is the store on post....they were in the food court when I walked by....I waited for them to leave and sort of made eye contact with them. they stopped to talk...they didn't have a car...I drove them back to their barracks and they started rubbing on me and taking my clothes off.... then they began making me suck them...

    they loved the fact that my dad is in the army on the same post. they loved how horny i was and came in my mouth, on my face, and inside me. They told me I was the first real white girl they had been with as all the others had been "gangsta white girls." It made me so happy I could be that for them and give them that experience.

    "I love the color contrast also and the way black guys treat me. I mean younger or older they all call me names, tell me what to do, slap me, pull my hair...and the two white guys I've dated never would have thought about that...constantly asking me if I'm "okay" or "does that feel good?"No black man has ever asked me that. Even when my cherry was being taken, that black guy was like "yeah girl, take that dick!""-Spade Princess Starbuck

    As for my ultimate fantasy? Make a real porn movie with nothing but black porn stars:)

    QSD: Well Princess Starbuck, given that you like to re-live that night with your supervisor alot, I want to thank you for providing our readers with this "re-enactment" of what you did for your black supervisor that night in the storeroom, with footage from another one of yourother more memorable experiences I suspect:

    PS:  You are welcome:) And you are right about it being very memorable, he was soooo huge. Intimidatingly so. Wow, I will never forget that guy!

    QSD:Wow! Will wrapping up, in case they are reading this blog, what celebrity would you most like to hook up with?

    SP: 50 cent!

    QSD:What is your dating status presently and what are your long term goals in the lifestyle of living as a Queen of Spades if you have any?

    SP: I am single, but I may start dating a white guy again. Yet  I just want to meet black guys. The thrill of my being what they want is too much for me to bare.I would be interested in knowing what your readers think I should do. Should I date conservative vanilla white boys to make my parents happy or should I follow my heart....

    and date black men? Perhaps I should let your readers just vote and decide for me in the comments:)


    Readers, hope you enjoyed the interview and please take part in helping our young Spade Princess make up her mind by letting you get the final say!


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